We are about to serve up!

Of course you can enjoy the Carinthian Hospitality in the restaurant too.
All of the Family are concerned about the well-being of their guests, in the restaurant you will enjoy authentic Carinthian Cuisine.
At noon and in the evening you will be welcomed by Rudi & Rudi jun. and spoiled with culinary delights.
Enjoy the traditional dishes or let you be inspired by exciting creations.
In our kitchen, regionality and seasonality are essential.
Delicacies and specialties from the forests and the surrounding lakes and rivers can be found on the menu.
The nimble “girls” will take care of an attentive service.

By the way: We are very happy and pleased to announce, that we have become member of the “Carinthian Pleasure” – Hosts-Community in October 2021.

Rudi Katschnig jun. was awarded ceremoniously with the “Angel of Pleasure”-Award as Chef of the year 2021.

Rudi Katsching - Koch des Jahres 2021